Life of Riley

Riley Wallace's 20-years at UH have been marked by ups and downs, big wins and demoralizing defeats, great moments and turnovers. And that's the reality of sports just about everywhere. It tends to be an emotional rollercoaster, sometimes invigorating, and sometimes you feel a bit queasy.

But say this for Riley, he did things his way, and he told you exactly what he thought. Sometimes, being bold and straightforward is not easily accepted here in Hawaii, but over the course of 20-years, Riley found his niche and gained a great deal of acceptance, whether or not people agreed with his game plans, recruiting habits, or won/lost record season to season.

And his only request was that if you were going to be an armchair quarterback, or power forward- if you will, then please buy tickets and support the UH team, or don't bother him, because if you don't show up, then you simply don't count. Again, you might not agree with the man, but he left little doubt in your mind where he stood. Whoever succeeds Riley deserves your support, just like all of our local UH teams deserve true fans' support. After all they really are our teams. Think about it...