Temporary Sewer Pipe In Niu Valley Almost Gone

Miki Travis
Miki Travis

(KHNL) - That big, black temporary sewer pipe in the middle of Kalanianaole Highway in east Oahu is disappearing, soon.

Crews put the finishing touches on the underground sewer pipe in Niu Valley.

Once they're done, the temporary pipe that's snaked above ground can be removed.

"It's about time," said Niu Valley resident Matt Tongg. "It's been an eye sore for a long time."

"It's been a long time that it's been over ground," said another resident. "I'm sure the people here are really frustrated about the way that it looks."

It's frustrating residents and slowing down business at one fast food restaurant.

"We've took a slight decline," said Miki Travis, manager at the Kentucky Fried Chicken located next to the pump station. "I'd say a 15 to 20 percent in revenue, but now we're fully operational, we're ready to serve the community and get back to business."

The drive thru was just re-opened last week. Black tarps used to surround it, giving it a not-so inviting look.

But managers say the city did all it could.

"Just keeping us informed, they would come in and give us a weekly progress reports, and let us know what stage the construction they were in," said Travis.

Now, construction is in its final stages. The temporary pipe will soon be gone, as well as all the heavy equipment and construction workers.

"That's a good thing," said Tongg. "Hopefully there won't be that many spills in the future."