Mililani Fire Leaves Four Families Homeless

Joey Blacksher
Joey Blacksher
Kendle Blacksher
Kendle Blacksher
Blacksher received second-degree burns on the shoulder
Blacksher received second-degree burns on the shoulder

MILILANI (KHNL) - A Schofield Barracks soldier sacrifices his body to save his wife from a burning townhouse in Mililani.

It's a morning fire that left four families without homes.

A witness would hardly notice during the early morning scene at kumelewai Gardens along Ainamauka Drive.

But, the second degree burns can clearly be seen in daylight, suffered by a man trying to protect his wife.

''He was just trying to protect me while we ran down from the top of the stairs," says fire victim, Kendle Blacksher.

Cool and Understated, Joey Blacksher explains, he and his wife heard the commotion erupt at about 2 o'clock in the morning, just outside their rental unit.

''We were like, Oh man, it's getting pretty serious," says Joey. "We saw somebody running with a fire extinguisher and we heard some windows break. We thought something bad was going on. We looked to the right and saw fire. At that time, we realized we needed to get out of there. That's when we grabbed what we could and ran down the stairs."

That's when Joey covered Kendle like a tarp, suffering burns to his back.

Investigators say the fire started in an area outside the homes.

As for the cause, they're ruling nothing out, including an electrical short.

The Blacksher's say they lost everything.

And yet, they remain grateful.

''Your family. we're still good," says Joey. "So, that's all that really matters."

Damage to the townhouse complex has yet to be determined.