Nature's Way

Last week, Governor Lingle alongside First Lady Laura Bush announced the re-naming of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands- Papahanaumokuakea. It was a wonderful ceremony recognizing two revered Hawaiian ancestors personified by the land and sky. The goal now is to keep this area pristine and safe for all of its native plant and animal species, and also to keep it as pure as possible as a tribute to Hawaiian ancestors.

Back on these more southern Hawaiian islands, people still sometimes treat our land and its surrounding areas badly. Dumping stuff in over-filled garbage cans at the parks rather than carrying it back home, leaving rubbish to freely blow away at the beach, tossing cigarette butts wherever- these are signs of blatant disrespect for the land we supposedly love.

Maybe the historic nature of the Marine National Monument will give a few people a chance to pause and reflect on their personal habits and perhaps allow them a moment of inspiration- to show more care, to exhibit more respect, to make a difference by simply being more aware of nature and its marvels.  Think about it...