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Local Military Mom Deals With Tragedy on the Homefront

Michelle Badua Michelle Badua
Gillian Badua Gillian Badua
Gavin Watson Gavin Watson

By Beth Hillyer

(KHNL) - When the accident happened Michelle Badua was on duty thousands of miles away,. "I had to go to the chaplain and he sat me down in the back office and told me about the red cross message that was received. It was so horrible, so horrible".

But Badua wasn't alone as another airman escorted her home

"I cannot thank my unit enough still in Kurkistan, I love them so much the support was there."

Back in Mililani, she visits the crash scene now, a memorial.

"So we call it's Gillian's point, Gillian's place and whenever I'm feeling down I hop in the car and drive over here and talk to her."

And she reminds us there is another family suffering, "Everybody has been offering their prayers and sympathy for me and my family and for Gillian, but please everyone, please say prayers for Gavin because he has a long road ahead of him."

Mililani senior Gavin Watson suffered critical injuries when he was ejected on impact.

This military mom puts the war behind her and deals with grief and anger on the homefront, "I feel this is so senseless, it didn't need to happen."

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