HPD Looking For Anyone Breaking Pedestrian Safety Laws

Stanley Weishaar
Stanley Weishaar
Lt. Jery Wojcik
Lt. Jery Wojcik

(KHNL) - Honolulu Police move into the second phase of a campaign to try and make our streets safer. Car accidents have killed nine pedestrians on Oahu so far this year. That's about half as many as in all of 2006.

Police say they've seen all the rules broken, by both pedestrians and drivers. Most of them are crossing on the red. Officers are giving warnings, but flagrant violators are getting citations.

"The same violations we've seen since the beginning," said Lt. Jery Wojcik. "It's unfortunate and I guess no one's paying attention to the education phase."

Stanley and Barbara Weishaar say walking is the best way to get around town.

"The weather -- beautiful," said Stanley Weishaar. "We love to walk."

But recently, the roads have been dangerous.

"We know how many deaths that are every day -- in the crosswalks or out of them," he said.

The Weishaars walk past a memorial at the corner of Piikoi and Beretania Streets, for one of the nine pedestrians killed on Oahu so far this year. There were 20 all last year.

Officers are keeping a close eye, and now issuing citations to anyone violating pedestrian related traffic laws.

Citations cost $80 for jaywalkers, up to $107 for drivers.

"It's expensive, expensive lesson," said Wojcik. "Cheaper than a hospital bill or a funeral."

"When you see an officer around there, we're not gonna cross that thing unless you got a walk sign, which is what you should do anyway," said Weishaar.

But police say ultimately, the job of staying safe on the streets is yours.

"We can't be everywhere, we can't stop everybody, we can't keep these cars from going through the light everywhere," said Wojcik. "We can't keep people from walking in the middle of the block. so you gotta do it yourselves."

Then everyone will be safe getting around town.

Police handed out dozens of citations Sunday. Officers will continue to stake out intersections across the island as part of the pedestrian safety campaign.