Liliha Church Members Outraged Traffic Signal Not Operating

Sister John Joseph GIlligan
Sister John Joseph GIlligan

LILIHA (KHNL) - Could the accident have been prevented? That's what members of a Liliha church and school are asking today after a man is run over Friday morning right outside their building.

The 92 year-old man hit by the car Friday morning outside St. Theresa's was in a clearly marked crosswalk.

But that hasn't been enough to protect those trying to cross School Street at this location.

Friday morning St. Theresa's principal was among the first on the scene. Sister John Joseph GIlligan says, "The police were already here, they had sent for an ambulance and there was a gentleman hit by the car here who had been crossing near the crosswalk."

Her first reaction, "I looked around and said how disappointed I was there was no light here."

For years this community has demanded a light. And they got one. But it's not finished. "No movement since October." explains Sister Gilligan.

Reporter Beth HIllyer at the scene, "Now many church and community members view this as a dangerous crosswalk. They say Friday's incident was not the first accident at this location."

Sister Gilligan recalls pedestrian accidents here for the past 20 years. "One of our 8th graders was hit in the morning. After that at least 4 elderly people that I know of."

Sister Gilligan says she's praying for the recovery of the 92 year-old victim and she's praying this light will soon be working.

She says officials told her the reason the pedestrian crossing signal is not working is due to the fact it has to be hooked up with the electric company.