News and Clues from Poos and Spews: What and Where do Hawaiian Monk Seals Eat?

KALIHI (KHNL)- Dr. Ken Longenecker, Associate Researcher at the Bishop Museum uses bones from scat (fecal) and spew (regurgitate) samples to identify the fishes eaten by seals. This information provides a better understanding of the link between food availability and seal survival. Dr. Longenecker will explain how natural history collections and museum-based research have improved our knowledge of seal feeding, describe current efforts to expand Bishop Museum's collection of fish bones, and demonstrate tools to help other researchers identify fish remains.

This free research seminar lecture series highlights the important research being conducted by scientists and anthropologists at Bishop Museum and throughout Hawaii. Admission is free and question and answer periods generally follow the lecture presentations. Lack of food appears to be causing the continuing decline of the endangered Hawaiian monk seal.

March 8; 4 to 5 p.m. at Bishop Museum, Paki Conference Hall.  For more information contact Steve Coles by email at (808) 847-8256.