Improving Pedestrian Safety Immediately

Senator Rosalyn Baker
Senator Rosalyn Baker
Lillian Foster
Lillian Foster

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Hawaii lawmakers have pedestrian safety on the top of their minds because of a series of deadly accidents this year.

One bill being considered provides millions of dollars for crosswalks improvements statewide.

Under Senate Bill 1191, transportation officials will address safety concerns at Kapiolani Boulevard at Keeaumoku, one of the crosswalks described as having the most issues.

"Makes me feel like I have to be careful," said Lillian Foster, Honolulu resident, who walks on this busy street.

The Senate Ways and Means Committee amended the bill which would make a million dollars available on July 1.

"Because the whole idea is to make the roadway crossings as safe for pedestrians as well as for motorists," said Sen. Rosalyn Baker, committee chair.

Under the bill, each county will receive $200,000 to improve dangerous intersections.

"We all have potentially dangerous intersections in our districts," said Sen. Baker.

Another million will be used to study intersections that don't give elderly pedestrians enough time to cross the street.

"I don't step off the curb until I'm sure," said Foster.

Committee members hope that by expediting funds, they'll help reduce the number of pedestrian fatalities across the state.

The amended bill is expected to pass its third reading in the Senate next week.