Tempers Flare Over Illegal Rentals on the Windward Side

Jim Warman
Jim Warman
Faith Evans
Faith Evans

KAILUA (KHNL) - Hundreds of illegal vacation rentals have neighbors outraged and long time residents cry keep old-time Kailua, Kailua.

Call it a bed and breakfast battle! Tensions over illegal rentals divide the Kailua community.

The war over this issue has been brewing for years and it's pitting neighbor against neighbor.

Now there are nasty letters making their rounds and posters trying to oust neighborhood board members.

These are some of the vacation rentals near the beach in Lanikai. They are the source of much contention. And community members are speaking out. Jim Warman has run a legal Bed and Breakfast for 20 years, "I think the B and B's should be legal and they should be regulated just as we. The underground guys should go through the same process we did in 1989."

That's when the city permitted dozens of inns to operate.

Angie Larson had operated a vacation rental that was not permitted and she faced fines of one thousand dollars a day.

"We do have a lot of the same feelings. We don't want our neighborhoods disrupted. We want to keep Kailua as you see it you can do that with the proper regulation."

Concerned residents discuss anonymous letters "They said they are a group of concerned citizens and everyone knows who in Lanikai is a member of keep it Kailua."

Board members discuss a campaign to vote out current Kailua neighborhood board members who they claim are out of touch.

Chair Faith Evans says, "Now let me tell you something when they said I still believe in the Kailua of the 50's that not such a bad idea."

Senator Fred Hemmings adds, "I think as a local boy we have passed the point of return. How many tourists is too many tourists? It's changing the character of our town, driving up prices, visitors can have a nice time but this is where we live."

Many at this meeting support the house bill 750 which would allow the state to make sure taxes are paid and enforce the law.

The Neighborhood Board voted 16-1 in support of House Bill 750.