Microsoft Shows Off Vista at Convention

Aaron Sloman
Aaron Sloman

HONOLULU (KHNL)- Microsoft staged a demonstration of its new Windows Vista operating system Thursday at the Hawaii Convention Center.

Windows Vista is Microsoft's newest operating system, a program used to manage the hardware and software of a computer

"The way Microsoft looks at Vista, it's the next generation platform for not only running your business, but also from a consumer perspective running your games, running your home," said William Schoen of Microsoft.

Microsoft said this latest version offers improved graphics, more security and the ability for users to customize the way their computer works.

"I think one thing is they want it to be personalized," said Aaron Sloman, a computer expert from speakTech. "So what it is is they want to configure the pc the way they work."

Not every computer has enough power to run Vista. Microsoft said its website has a list of compatible computers.

"I think if you've purchased a pc in the last couple of years you've got the power to run vista," Sloman said.

Microsoft is banking on Vista becoming a success. The company said Windows accounts for 30 percent of its revenue.

"I think there's a perception of how Windows is and how Microsoft software is and I think anyone who goes and tries Vista, tries Office is really going to like the interface," Schoen said.