Olympic Skier Reunited with Long-lost Father

Toby Dawson
Toby Dawson
Dawson reunites with biological father
Dawson reunites with biological father
Dawson's father
Dawson's father

By Leanne Gregg

(NBC) - Far from the mountain where he skied to fame, an olympic medalist found his family. Toby Dawson hadn't seen his biological father since he became separated from him in South Korea 25 years ago.   

It's a storybook ending for U-S Olympic Skier Toby Dawson and his Korean biological father.

"I have been waiting a long time father" said Dawson in Korean. 

The two were re-united for the first time since Dawson was lost in a crowded South Korean market more than 25 years ago. His dad was never able to find him...until now.   
The three-year-old year old was taken to an orphanage and was adopted by American ski instructors.

"...moved to Vail, Colorado, and that's where my ski career started."

Dawson won an Olympic bronze medal in freestyle skiing at the Torino Games last year with his American mom in the crowd.

"I have to keep telling myself this is the Olympics. My little Toby Dawson" said Dawson's mother.

When his heritage became known at the Olympics and was covered in the South Korean media, several people came forward claiming to be his parents. He followed up and DNA tests proved the 53-year-old bus driver is his biological dad.

"My life until now has been very confused, I have been very fortunate" said Dawson.

Dawson gave his father his ski sweater. It's the culmination of a long journey made possible by a bronze medal.
Dawson's father says Toby's birth name was: Bong-Seok. The Olympian also met his 24-year-old brother for the first time at the reunion.