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Neighbor Vs. Neighbor In Lanikai Rental Dispute

Stu Simmons Stu Simmons
Kalana Best Kalana Best

LANIKAI (KHNL) - It's an issue that's pitted windward Oahu neighbor against neighbor. And now it's taken another unpleasant turn.

Illegal vacation rentals have been a sore point for many windward communities. But now residents who strongly oppose the rentals say someone has started a harrassment campaign against them and against their cause.

By sending out letters, threatening legal action to homeowners over this issue and putting the names and addresses of two vocal critics of illegal rentals on the letter as well.

Kailua resident Stu Simmons said he had already fielded more than 25 calls Wednesday night.

"The actual illegal vacation rental operators, I think have tried to create this fraudulent letter and send it out to the residents of Lanikai in order to have the residents intimidate us and harass us. I think it's a form of retribution" said Simmons.

"I think this is a very sad and desperate fringe group which is seeing their illicit financial gain being whittled away and they're grasping at straws" said Kalana Best of the Kailua Neighborhood Board.

The state legislature is looking closely at a measure that beefs up efforts to crack down on illegal vacation rentals.

The neighborhood board is expected to discuss the measure at a board meeting on Thursday March 1, which will be held at the Kailua Rec Center.

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