Traffic Way of Life for Most Hawaii Residents

Matt Keyser
Matt Keyser

HONOLULU (KHNL) - For thousands of people who call Hawaii home, the daily commute to and from work can seem like a job in itself.

The pain of rush hour is not only frustrating, it's exhausting, and it's costly.     And it's no wonder why gridlock has a grip on us.  According to the state department of transportation, there are about 240-thousand cars on the road every day.

With that in mind consider this:  highway capacity on the h-one freeway is about 15-thousand six hundred cars per hour.

Another staggering statistic. State records show in the seven year period between 1998 to 2005, the number of registered vehicles increased by twenty percent.

In 1998, 893,427 registered vehicles were on the road.

In 2005, 1,119,838 registered vehicles hit the road.

That  amounts to nearly one car for every man, woman and child in hawaii.

"I try to avoid traffic as much as possible" says Windward oahu resident Vicky Fuller.

"When I come downtown it can be a difference. A short commute would be about 25 minutes, a long commute, an hour."

but the question remains, will drivers give up their cars for mass transit?

Kaneohe resident Matt Reyser says there's little other choice.

"I'll certainly give it a shot.  we could hopefully see some improvements."