Talk Story: Ewa Resident Complains of Commute

Alicia Maluafiti
Alicia Maluafiti

EWA (KHNL) - A viewer called into our talk story line, complaining about the commute to the Ewa side of Oahu.

Transportation officials plan road improvements to alleviate the traffic, but it won't be complete until 2009.

We rode along with Ewa resident, Alicia Maluafiti, to see how bad congestion is on Fort Weaver Road.

She leaves her home just after 6 a.m. It's still dark outside, but she knows, she's already late.

Leaving late means dealing with more traffic.

"This is horrible in fact. This is peak," she said.

Fort Weaver Road is the main artery to Ewa. But before drivers reach it, they must sit in traffic on side streets waiting to get onto that road.

"I have to let this guy in because look how many people are over here waiting," said Maluafiti.

The Ewa resident inches along Kolowaka Drive. She anxiously awaits her turn to get onto Fort Weaver.

"Whereas these guys over here block the intersection, three cars over here, while we're stuck waiting for them to move their butts," said Maluafiti.

It takes her 20 minutes just to get onto Fort Weaver Road. Then another 10 minutes to get through Ewa. But it's not over yet.

"It just goes from bad to worse," she said.

She hits traffic hotspots in Waikele, and later, at the Middle Street overpass. Finally, at about 8:15, two hours after she left her house, she reaches her downtown Honolulu destination. She says the commute is frustrating and something she can do without.

"Sitting in 2 hours of traffic? That was a complete waste of my time. I mean, it really is," she said.