Civilians Jump into Action Following Bank Heist

Joe Shimkonis
Joe Shimkonis
Sgt. Michael Nakada
Sgt. Michael Nakada

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Civilians came to the rescue following a bank robbery on Kapahulu Avenue Tuesday. They took down the fleeing suspect and held him until police arrive.

Crime scene tape surrounds the Bank of Hawaii on Kapahulu Avenue. The sign taped to the door explains why.

Joe Shimkonis was across street in his moped shop at about 11:40 a.m., when he noticed a man with a bag running.

"Then the money bag exploded in his hands or his pants, probably his pants, and then the dye came out," he said. "And I just knew right there. I ran, ran after him."

He and a few others chased the suspect to an area about two blocks from the bank.

"I was behind the robber," Shimkonis said. "And my neighbor in the van got in front of him and he opened his door and just kicked him right in the face."

Officers soon arrive. They arrest 33-year-old Ethan Morgan on suspicion of robbery and for two warrants. Investigators recover the stained money bag as evidence.

"We don't encourage anybody to chase any bank robbers because of the fact that they may be armed," Sgt. Michael Nakada, Honolulu Police Department, said. "But in this case, I guess it all worked out well."

So how does a business owner, who once was a robbery victim himself, feel about the takedown?

"I was hungry. I had to get back to work," Shimkonis said. "I wasn't thinking about it, honestly. Yeah, honestly. I don't, whatever."

Morgan is locked up at the main police cellblock. Investigators are looking into whether he was involved in other bank heists.