The Stones

Kiko Whiteley
Kiko Whiteley

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Most kids don't think their pranks could land them in a prison cell. So when does a practical joke go too far? The Honolulu Theater for youth has a new play that's teaching kids about consequences.

Throwing rocks from above into oncoming traffic. Its one of many pranks in the play, "The Stones." Filled with energy, sound effects, and local music it grabs your attention, and then makes you think.

"I think it's a great way to set the kids up, to think maybe it's a comedy, maybe their just having fun and then kind of just give the message halfway though, and then it becomes a more educational piece," said Actor Alvin Chan.

When the 13-year olds throw a rock from an overpass much like this one, they kill a man.

Should they go to jail? The play leaves it up to the audience.

"When you see it from that angle, you see how bad it is, and how the consequences could add up, said Punahou School sixth-grader, Sarah Moore.

A jury of peers, most of these six graders found them guilty.

"I would throw rocks at these trucks with my friends, and my niece would be with me and one time we threw a rock and broke a window. It didn't go inside a kill a man, but the truck driver came running up the hill cussing at us," said actor Reb Allen.

He wants kids to think about the consequences of their actions.

"It showed us what the consequence was and we take that into our learning, and apply it to our everyday lives," said Punahou School sixth-grader, Kiko Whiteley.

"Practical jokes can lead to big trouble," said Moore.

The play was inspired by a 1994 fatal crash caused by rock-yielding pranksters.

In court, the teens responsible were set free.

You can cast your vote on "the stones" when it opens to the public, on Friday.