Special Olympics Coach is a Hero to Athletes

Arce Baysa
Arce Baysa

WAHIAWA (KHNL) - In the world of athletics, many measure success by the number of wins.

But meet an everyday hero who makes sure all of the athletes she coaches "are" winners!

On a bright Saturday morning, you'll find these special athletes in training. They've got a long way to go, before the state games. But they are dedicated to getting better, helped in part by their head coach.

Arce Baysa is on the side of these young athletes, taking time for them over the past 12 years and working to keep them "on track" of their goals.

"They know they going to run a race. They know they gotta finish." says Baysa.

Finish, not for a victory, or even a medal.

For many of these special athletes, just finishing a simple run gives them a huge sense of accomplishment.

"Its very rewarding when you see it actually happening."

So under the watchful eye of this coach there is support, encouragement as well as fun filled practices.

You see, this coach works for a "different" kind of winning, one that she's been very successful at teaching to her athletes.

"Winning is not just having a medal but gaining a friendship and meeting new friends at the state competition. As long as the athletes are doing the best that they can be - to me that's winning!"

Arce and all the special olympic athletes will be taking place in the state games held at the University of Hawaii this May. Athletes will not only compete in track and field, but also swimming and softball and other events specially designed for these special competitors.