Mililani High School Students Mourn Victim

Denise Yamamoto
Denise Yamamoto

MILILANI (KHNL) - Moments after the crash word spread quickly Jill Badua died. Teens are troubled by the horror they witnessed.

Mililani School Counselor Denise Yamamoto says, "For the students who were there at the scene it's kind of like you have to talk about post traumatic stress disorder."

As they returned to class for the first time since the accident they learn help is available.

Denise Yamamoto is working with several distraught students, "There were three girls childhood friends of Gillian and they wanted to express the feelings they were getting, emotions that go along with grief, anger, denial, sadness, deep sadness."

Beth Hillyer reports, "Here at Jill's memorial family and friends continue to leave flowers, balloons, candles and posters. Someone even left this tassel. It says '07. Jill would have graduated this spring."

Adding to her memorial gives friends a constructive way to grieve. And while Denise Yamamoto helps students cope, she was Jill's counselor and also mourns her death, "I had so much hope for her, that's the sad part," says Yamamoto.

Jill was 17 years old.