Copper Caper

An e-mailer last week suggested that I act like i'm "holier than thou" in my commentaries. Far from it; I like to think I'm just one of the guys talking about what's going on. But some people are never satisfied. Well, this week I'm pleased to talk about a nifty neighborhood nabbing.

Yes, I'm now going to steal (pardon the pun) from an old Johnny Carson/Jack Webb "Tonight Show" routine.   It was great to see that police grabbed malevolent metal thieves last week. That's right- concerned cops caught a couple of creeps calculating a copper caper. The copper culprits got collared because they didn't comply with the current code. The "cash for copper" collaborators couldn't figure out that the heavy heco spool was hot- hard to handle, yeh?

Now the key for cops and consumers is a quick conviction and concrete consequences for these cocky copper keepers. We can't continue to coddle crooks as we must convince cocky conspirators to keep their cotton-pickin' hands off of our copper construction which will keep consumers content and stop these copper-copping cases. Think about it...