Elderly Man Arrested at Ilikai Hotel For Murder

Amy and Mike Tougher
Amy and Mike Tougher

HONOLULU (KHNL) - When police show up at the Ilikai Hotel in response to an argument a man makes a shocking admission Officers say the 83 year-old man admitted to killing his wife in their hotel room.

Both in their 80's, the couple is visiting from Canada. Apparently they got into a fight and he admitted he killed her.

Police cars line driveway leading to the Ilikai Hotel.

Honolulu Police Department Homicide Supervisor Lt. David Kamai says, "This morning around 9:25 patrol officers were sent on an argument in one of the apartments when patrol units arrived to see if everything was ok, the occupant he said no, my wife is dead. I had killed her. The scene was secured at that time."

Police arrested 83 year-old Ted Jandura after he admitted killing his wife.

Kamai adds, "He was taken into custody, the scene was processed and he's arrested for murder in the second degree."

Another elderly couple on vacation, Mike and Amy Tougher are also staying at the Ilikai. At 83, the suspect is the same age as Mike who says, "I can't understand how one person could murder another person."

Mike and Amy have been married nearly 50 years and Amy says she can't imagine living without Mike, "I go through times when I think I don't want to be around when he's gone, I need so much help and he's awfully good helping me. And I don't want to be alone. I can't imagine that at 83 someone would, God unbelievable. As much as you may argue, never think of killing each other no."

Amy and Mike say they feel sorry for the 83 year-old suspect who if convicted, could likely spend the rest of his life in jail.