Resort Workers Double as Firefighters

Alexander Quizon
Alexander Quizon
Sean Jones
Sean Jones

MAKAHA (KHNL) - It was back to business as usual for employees at the Makaha Resort and Golf Club.

Many of them doubled as firefighters, to help fight a brushfire that burned dangerously close to some cottages at the resort.

"The camaraderie and teamwork amongst the staff was outstanding," said Alexander Quizon, front desk supervisor at the resort.

The fire broke out in the brush just below the resort around six Friday evening. Home video captures the danger, with flames as high as 20-feet.

"It was kinda smokey, kinda scary," said one employee.

Guests were moved to a safe zone.

"Our major priority, of course, was catering to guests and making sure they're okay," said Quizon. "We did an outstanding job in doing that."

Everyone helped. Workers off the clock. One of them was on vacation and a guest at the resort. Workers in maintenance, housekeeping, even management.

"Getting dirty. Getting wet and dirty," said one employee.

All stood on the front lines shoulder to shoulder with firemen.

A day later, workers exchange a well deserved handshake after pulling together in a time of crisis.

"Everybody did a wonderful job," said Sean Jones, a resort supervisor. "I can't stress enough that i couldn't ask for anything to go any better."

Wisps of smoke still can be seen from the charred brush, but everything is pretty much back to normal. Guests are in their rooms. Golfers are back on the course. And workers have quite a story.

"To tell you the truth, this is an experience i'll never, never forget, ever," said Chelsea Medeiros.

Officials say the fire burned about 25-acres, but there were no damage or injuries. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.