Badua Family Blames Speed for Daughter's Death

Loreto Badua, victim's father
Loreto Badua, victim's father

MILILANI (KHNL) - The Badua ohana speaks out about speeding so no other families have to endure their pain. No one knows for sure just how fast the driver was going when he lost control and hit the tree. But her family says this crash proves speed kills.

Her family describes Gillian Badua known as "Jill", as high-spirited and strong-willed.

The former model and hula dancer was very popular at Mililani High School.

They share her graduation photos although this Mililani senior will never get to receive her diploma

The Baduas are frustrated that speed was the apparent cause of last night's horrific crash.

Loreto Badua comments on victim Gavin Watson, "I hope he gets better, hope he sees what speed can do hope everybody sees what can happen to their family what is the loss."

Jill's Grandmother Pat Kalima adds, "These kids that have these fast cars they don't need to speed. Where does it get them? Doesn't get them anything. Somebody gets hurt or killed then everybody, more families are in grief over their loved ones. "

The family does not know the 21 year-old man who was driving. They say Jill was close friends with Gavin Watson who was tossed from the car when they hit the tree. Watson was also a senior with Jill and he is recovering from critical injuries.

To compound the tragedy Jill's mom is deployed in the gulf region with members of the Hawaii National Guard. She's been notified by the Red Cross and the military is helping her find the quickest way home to Oahu.