Fiery Crash Kills Mililani Teen

MILILANI (KHNL) - A speeding car slams into a tree and catches on fire trapping people inside.

It happened last night in Mililani. One teenage girl died at the scene; two males were seriously injured.

Witnesses say they heard the roar of the engine and then loud skidding before the jarring impact. Neighbors rushed to put out the fire and save those trapped in the burning wreckage. One teen died at the scene. Two others were hospitalized.

Moments after the crash paramedics aid the seriously injured driver. But neighbors were first on scene

Witness Ryan Hawkins heard the speeding car, "It skidded for a while actually then we heard a loud crash."

Neighbor Brain Akiona was first on scene, "We heard the tire screeching, then heard loud bang. Then a neighbor behind me called us over to help with vehicle people in the vehicle car saying it was on fire so we went and tried to extinguish the fire and pulled people out.

Neighbors used garden hoses and fire extinguishers.

Hawkins adds, "There was a lot of smoke, couldn't see car, clearly a lot of people with fire extinguishers and hoses trying to put out the fire."

Akiona recalls, "it was pretty hot thought gonna consume whole car and everybody in it. The driver was inside he was conscious, moaning but couldn't get him out he was pinned. I looked on the passenger side, someone was in the back seat but I couldn't move her. I was trying to move her and get her out of the car and there was also someone pinned under the passenger side and we dragged him away from the fire."

Akiona says they did al they could. "All in all we saved them from burning."

The Office of the Medical Examiner identifies the victim as 17 year-old Gillian Badua, a Mililani High School student.

Frantic friends and family members arrived as the bad news spread quickly by cell phone.

Teens said they had just been with the victims at Walmart right before the deadly crash.

Family members say Gillian Badua's mom is deployed to Afghanistan but now on her way home to Oahu.