Community Takes Back Aala Park

Michael Auld
Michael Auld

(KHNL) - For years, neighbors feared Aala park at night. But this weekend the community is reclaiming their neighborhood park.

The City and County of Honolulu and Chinatown Organizations transformed Aala park into an outdoor movie theather and family fun center.

Aala park is filled with couples, families and kids. Even though organizers said the turnout tonight was a little disappointing, Aala park has never looked better.

Neighbor Michael Auld says, "This kind of family events are good. You have Kukui Garden, Mayor Wright, all these housing with family inside be good, everybody come out and have fun." Kids play carnival games and win prizes.

Event Organizer Gifford Chang adds, "Aala park is made for everyone. Chinatown is made for everyone. And every community. And that's why we are here to showcase Aala park so everyone knows it's a perfectly fine place to be at."

Another neighbor Susie Tamashiro adds, "I think it's getting good. Before they had street people living here but now it's better, better."

A park to call their own.

Chang continues, "I hope that people come down. Start to plan some events here at Aala park, have meetings, have picinics if they could get a BBQ area going that would be a great thing."

But what does the future hold for Aala park?

Chang concludes, "I think every citizen needs to take ownership. I think the City has to work with any organization that wants to put on an event. Let them try do it at Aala. Parking is a problem but you got 8 residential buildings all in this area."

Auld hopes, "It would be nice if they had more stuff like this instead of haivng it all the way down there, because there are low income families over here that don't get to see this kind of stuff."