Kaimuki Crossing Guard for Life

Pat Alday
Pat Alday
Kelley Pu'uohau
Kelley Pu'uohau

By Marvin Buenconsejo

HONOLULU (KHNL) - He's been keeping one of Honolulu's busiest intersections safe for more than two decades.

And with the number of pedestrian accidents on the rise, crossing guard Pat Alday's services are needed, more than ever.

Sure as the sun rises in East Honolulu, Alday, is here to make sure the intersection of Koko Head Street and Waialae Avenue is safe for all.

''These indians will run you over faster than you can blink your eyes," says Alday.

"Stop sign" in hand, whistle locked in teeth, Alday began working this corner back in 1984.

''Even the older people, they laugh at you. I go yeah, yeah, yeah," says Alday.

As an issue of disclosure, we must say, the 73-year old does get paid for his work by the Honolulu Police Department.

But all the extra nicities, he throws in for free.

''It's an honor to work for somebody and make sure these kids get across safely.

And, for the hundreds who cross these painted white stripes, each day, probably none appreciate pat more than the teachers, students and parents of neighboring Liliuokalani Elementary School.

''Always on time, comes in the morning, comes in the afternoon," says school administrator Kelley Pu'uohau. "Don't have to worry about him calling in sick, he'll be there every morning and afternoon. Don't have to worry about more children getting hurt."

''They tell me, when am I going to retire, I tell them when I'm six feet under," adds Alday.

Which everyone hopes, isn't anytime soon.