Future of Honolulu Mass Transit in Doubt

HONOLULU (KHNL) - The future of Honolulu's mass transit system remains in doubt.

On Wednesday, Congressman Abercrombie told the City Council it needed to make a decision on a transit route or could jeopardize federal funding.

The council considered three different proposed routes for a mass transit system.

The council rejected all three.

The council will meet again on Tuesday at noon.

During that meeting council members will consider a route that runs from Kapolei into urban Honolulu through Salt Lake Boulevard.

Council Member Gary Okino came up with the Salt Lake option. He called it a compromise to save the project.

"With the lower cost of the Salt Lake segment. I think here's a chance to do the whole segment. We need to start. We need to get this off the ground. And no one is saying we will not go to UH. That is a must," he says.

"So as far as i'm concerned, that's pau. The decision is made. And therefore we have an MOS. Now our first choice was the airport route. But keep in mind we said all along the Salt Lake route fits the cost effective index," says Mayor Mufi Hannemann.

"Switching the route further solidifies that you simply cannot trust the administration. They will change the numbers. They will change the calculations to fit whatever political needs. They so demand," says Council Member Charles Djou.

Mayor hannemann say he thinks this a done deal. That's because five council members had to vote in favor of keeping the Salt Lake proposal alive.

He believes those five council members will vote in favor of the project when the council meets again on tuesday.