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February 21 2007


Too many accidents involving too many pedestrians and innocent bystanders have us all wondering what's going on. Harried people not paying attention on the road or in the road? improbable coincidence and just bad timing causing a rash of incidents in a short period of time?

How about this- we're all too busy, too intense, too oblivious. We're all over-programmed, comfortably numb, or just well-conditioned to rush around everywhere- to school, to work, to soccer practice, to the store, to the bus stop. When you fly through intersections haphazardly, do you really save time? when you weave in and out coming down the Pali Highway or on H-2, do you really save minutes? no, more like seconds, and at what possible price? when you nonchalantly step off the curb without paying attention, even if you have the right of way, who loses?

If you wear dark clothes and don't bother to get to a proper crossing intersection, you might save time today, but you might just lose your life tomorrow. You may see the cars coming, but do they see you? not a good game of chicken, is it? so slow down folks; leave home earlier, drive with focus, walk with your eyes open in all directions, plan for traffic every day and expect stressful moments on the roads to help you to get there safely; stop forcing the action. It's not a sport. After all, if you don't gain control over your life, who will? think about it...

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