Business Owners Beware Of Counterfeit Bills

Harry Harrison
Harry Harrison
Mark Wong
Mark Wong

(KHNL) - Several business at Stadium Mall are out hundreds of dollars. They are the victims of sophisticated counterfeiters.

The scary thing about these counterfeit bills is that the pen used to detect them doesn't work. That's because they are actual bills that have been altered.

This one hundred dollar bill looks real and it even passes the marker test. Harry Harrison owns the Book Rack at Stadium Mall He tells News 8, "This bill is washed, looks like it has been washed, mutilated. And after washed, looks like it's been ironed too."

He believes this is second counterfeit bill in just 2 weeks, "Once they came in on a Sunday and got me for 50 dollars."

Harrison says they use real bills to make the fakes, "They take a 5 dollar bill in this case a five, they doctor it, turn it into a 50 so that 5 dollar bill had a watermark but a different President. They doctor a ten and turn into a 100 and they know how to do it."

The phoneys even fool markers used to detect counterfeits. Harrison explains, "Pen's don't work because it's a real bill. I called the secret service and they said the same thing. He says said Secret Service agents told him to invest in an ultraviolet light.

The Book Rack was not the only shop taken by those passing these counterfeit bills. In fact two other shops at Stadium Mall were ripped off.

Subway and Mark's Drive Inn were also hit. Restaurant owner Mark Wong describes his loss, "The guy gave me a one hundred dollar bill. I took it to the bank and the bank said counterfeit."

So Wong is out one hundred bucks and at the Book Rack, Harrison is out one hundred and fifty dollars.