Driver Says Deadly Crash Not His Fault

Blandina Aquino
Blandina Aquino

By Minna Sugimoto

KAPOLEI (KHNL) - A man arrested after a deadly crash on the H-1 Freeway over the weekend says it wasn't his fault. Honolulu police are now waiting to see if the driver who died had alcohol or drugs in his system. The Medical Examiner's office is scheduled to perform the autopsy Tuesday.

Police sources say the man arrested had a blood-alcohol level of .015, well below the legal limit of .08, when officers tested him about four hours after the crash.

Fredy Domingo listens to an officer during a field sobriety test. Nearby, two cars are mangled and a 49-year-old man is dead.

"Everyone feel bad if you hear that somebody died, you know, even, every single person, you know," Blandina Carino, suspect's landlord, said.

Police arrested the Kalihi man for investigation of negligent homicide and failure to render aid. Blandina Carino, the suspect's landlord, spoke with the injured man following the collision.

"(He) just tell me the back sore," she said. "And then maybe you got to go check the doctor, I tell him."

Police say the man who died caused the crash. They say his rental car sideswiped Domingo's SUV, before it slammed into a barrier and flipped on its roof. Domingo got out of his car and left the scene, but later returned.

"He just say, 'That's not my fault.' That's all," Carino said.

Investigators say the 46-year-old had some alcohol in him. But at this point, they do not believe he was over the legal limit.

"We don't know what happened yeah, so. Of course, sad like that yeah," Carino said.

The Medical Examiner has not released the name of the dead driver.

Domingo is free while police continue their investigation.