Wind Creates Headaches

Lt. Gerrit Kurihara
Lt. Gerrit Kurihara

HONOLULU (KHNL) - The windy weather creates more work for some people around Oahu, including Honolulu Police.

Officers block off a portion of University Avenue in Moiliili.

They fear a light pole may come crashing down.

"I haven't really seen that many light poles that sway in the wind," said Lt. Gerrit Kurihara of the Honolulu Police Department.

With each gust of wind, the light pole wobbles. A passerby notices and alerts authorities.

"The base of the pole is lifted about 2 inches which is a little unnatural," said Kurihara.

City crews stabilize it to make sure it's safe for drivers and pedestrians. The wind also puts Hawaiian Electric crews on standby. They hope the weather doesn't cause a power outage like it did weeks ago.

"Well, we're always looking out for places where the trees may come into contact with our lines. Either while they're still on the trees or if the wind breaks them loose or blows them into our lines," said Peter Rosegg, HECO spokesman.

Utility officials ask homeowners to help keep an eye out for dangerous situations.

"Anything touching the line is bad news," said Rosegg.

The weather doesn't cause too much damage, but creates quite a scene around the island and reminds everyone what Mother Nature can do.