Beachgoers Weather Windy Conditions

Mauga Leo
Mauga Leo

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Windy conditions didn't stop crowds at Ala Moana Beach Park from enjoying their President's Day.

Picnickers found few problems firing up their grills, despite the gusty winds. In fact it actually helped build some fires.

"The sun is a little bit hot but the wind helps us to blow away the smoke and cool off," said Mauga Leo."Like a free air condition."

Nicole Nevill and her husband made sure their tent wouldn't blow away. After all, their baby needed the shade.

"Well we've tied it down to the rig," she said. "So if it blows away hopefully it won't go far."

The wind wasn't enough to stop anyone trying to play a game of beach volleyball. The winds came in gusts but some said a little bad weather wasn't going to stop them from enjoying the day.

No one complained aobut the wind ruining their picnics, but some said they had a plan ready just in case.

"I'm not worried about it because i have kids," Leo said. "They can run and catch it."