Thousands Pound the Pavement at Sunrise

HONLULU(KHNL) - Since it began, the Great Aloha Run has raised more than 6 million dollars and benefited more than 100 charity groups in Hawaii. Nearly 20,000 runners took to the street for the 8.15- mile road race this morning.

Sprinkles and trade winds got these runners off to a refreshing start. The sounds of freedom were first, 22-hundred military units calling cadence as they ran in formation. behind them, the competitive wheelchair racers.

"I wanted to find something where I could just stay local and do something obviously athletic. Races seemed to be the most obvious decision since there are so many organized in Hawaii," said Christine Greer, a wheelchair racer.

By the viaduct, some of the runners became walkers. But they didn't give up. WIth the clock ticking, the beeping didn't stop as more and more champion-chips crossed the finish line.

Allyson and Allen got engaged last month.

"Feels great," said Allyson Levin. "We didn't think we were going to make it but he kept pushing me, it was awesome, she said as she hugged her fiance. "We'll be working out for a lifetime," she added.

The course record is 40:02. Today's fastest time was Christian Madsen, clocking in at 42:33.