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February 19 2007

Super Silly

What is up with the renewed badgering of the Hawaii Superferry? The soon-to-be here ship has handled state and federal lawsuit attempts regarding an environmental impact statement, but now some state senators are dredging up the thought to require an environmental study... again! At least the state House had the sense to kill such an idea before it gained momentum.

We have more cruise ships, boats, and barges floating around our docks, harbors, and waters than ever before, so is there really some ulterior motive or plot to deny access to this single new neighbor island transportation link? Are there other business entities behind the scenes in this last-ditch effort to sink the Superferry's chances of docking for business by summertime? Concerns about dirty cars and alien species? OK, then what about local people flying for 50 years with dirty slippers or sailing with various items? And we wonder why more businesses don't find Hawaii inviting?

So let's be reasonable here. This floating venture has passed myriad legal tests again and again, and it deserves a fair shot at running a viable business. For all those still complaining, yes, make sure the business complies with the rules and lives up to its promises, but let it go for now. You've missed the boat. Think about it...

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