Fundraiser For Fallen Deputy at Osake Lounge

Erica Enfield
Erica Enfield

HONOLULU (KHNL)- Osake lounge is where Daniel Browne-Sanchez died a week ago Saturday. Tonight friends and co-workers gather at the club to remember the bartender and help support those he left behind.

Hundreds of people attended this celebration of life. By getting together where he worked, and later died, friends say it gives them closure.

Sanchez worked at the club as a bartender and was trying to stop a gunman when he was shot last Saturday.

Friends buy custom made t-shirts in his memory.

Osake Sushi Bar and Lounge is known for it's handrolls and a chef makes custom orders.

They gather around a collage of happier times at the sushi bar.

Fellow bartender Jon Bjorkholm says, "A lot of this week has been about mourning his death but today is a little more about closure celebrating his life. I'm happy we can move forward from the violence of his death to celebrating his life."

Osake co-worker Erica Enfeld adds "Some people hold a lot of hurt, a lot of pain, that's what this is about being together, dealing with it together.

What he did was heroic he decided that the people here with him that night and there was a reason for him to do what he did. he decided it was important for them to be alright."

Erica was not working the night of the shooting and she says that was a blessing. The bullet holes have been patched, the place cleaned up.

The sushi chef creates hand rolls and tonight friends toast the man they call a hero. Money raised tonight will be donated to the deputy's family.