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The Secret to Rag-weave Slippers

Suzanne Kobatake Suzanne Kobatake
Dale Ohta Dale Ohta

By Paul Drewes

HONOLULU (KHNL) - They say to really get to know someone, to walk a mile in their shoes.

For some crafty creators, walking a mile would be pretty good on the feet and on the environment.

"You got it! Good job!" Suzanne Kobatake has words of encouragement for a dozen Oahu crafters. Who are painstakingly putting together slippers.

"It's a rag weave slipper"

This isn't an Oahu sweat shop, but rather an art class, where these students are learning how to put together these special slippers, that combine Japanese tradition with recycling.

"When the Japanese yukata was worn out, people would strip the yukata and weave them into house slippers called nunozori , rag-weave slippers." says Kobatake. But unlike their Japanese counterparts, these Hawaii inspired slippahs use something we have plenty of here in the islands.

"In Hawaii we have a lot of t-shirts and instead of going into the trash we recycle them, we make rag weed slippers."

As their fingers tie together the t-shirts strips, these crafters come away with a sense of accomplishment, you could say a warm and fuzzy feeling. You could also say the same for their feet from these rag weed slippers. "They're washable and very comfortable and re-useable." says crafter, Dale Ohta.

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