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Honolulu Numerologist Divines Your Digits

June Ho June Ho
Lisa Sainz Lisa Sainz
2007: Year of the Golden Boar 2007: Year of the Golden Boar

By Diane Ako

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Gung hee fat choy! It's the Lunar New Year today, and some are ringing it in with readings from a Chinese numerologist. It's the year of the golden boar, and while many look forward to the new year's celebrations, some also want to know what the year ahead holds.

For those hoping for good luck and guidance in the coming year, there are many Chinese traditions, from dragons, to fireworks and even numerology. June Ho is a Chinese numerology master, and claims to have the answers to a person's future, simply by seeing a social security number!

Other people are born on the same day, she says, but a social security number is very specific, because you are the only one in the world with it. She does not keep the paper with your social security number and will return it to you at the end of the reading. If you are still anxious about ID theft, you can supply a different number to her. "It can also be a cell phone number, or drivers license plate number- any number that reflects the individuality of the person," she assures.

She does not use your birthday and birth hours to do the numerology reading, but sometimes clients ask for a Life Chart reading, which is more complicated. She needs a longer time to read it, therefore the fee is a lot higher.

The duration for numerology reading is about 45 - 60 minutes and will cover a lot of areas: personality of the individual, what kind of profession suits you, health, wealth, love, and children. She will also let you know your lucky number and your lucky colors. Also, she'll answer the individual's specific questions or concerns if there are any.

For specific questions, you tell her your question, focus on it strongly for a minute, then randomly pick 2 sets of 3 numbers (between 1-9). This is called a qua.

As to the Feng Shui reading, she has to go to the location and measure the direction of the property with her "Law Pan." She needs the year the property or building was built to do her reading. She can tell you about the characteristics of what kind of people are/should be living in that house, and what tricks you can do to mitigate any bad energy. For instance, here at KHNL, she told me my computer is placed in the "wealth" position of my cubicle, so don't move it. She also said to place a green plant sitting in still water (like the Chinese bamboo shoots) in a certain corner of my desk to generate more wealth and luck.

Ho says she is not a psychic, and that numerology is a science. She has been studying this (and feng shui) since 1988. Ho is originally from Hong Kong, where she's developed a wide reaching, celebrity clientele that she says includes movie star Jackie Chan. She recently relocated to Hawaii where her son is attending university.

Ho speaks Mandarin and Cantonese, but no English, so she always supplies a translator. Lisa Sainz sat down with Ho for a quick reading. "You are an active person, you move a lot. Even if you work in an office you'll be running around a lot," Ho told Sainz, without realizing Sainz works as a KHNL news photographer. That's exactly her job description!

Ho told Sainz all about her personality, future, and her lucky colors, numbers, and feng shui directions. Sainz was impressed. "It was very accurate. I'm a very fast paced person, always on the go, and I love red and green and she said those were my colors."

Our test subject was not only impressed with ho's analysis of her personality but also with what her future holds. Sainz says, "I was confused these last few months on what direction to take in certain areas of my life and this helped a little guide me into the right path." Sainz says she is glad her number's up!

To reach Master June Ho, call (English) (808) 429-0288 or (Chinese) 741-3068.

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