Kamehameha Schools Ohana Mourn Loss of Graduates

KANEOHE, OAHU  (KHNL) - The deaths of two teens along Kapaa Quarry Road Thursday night has some wondering if the dark, curvy road is just too dangerous.

Others say it's not the road, it's the driver. And police may investigate reports the teens were speeding toward the huge dip in

the road to "catch some air."

Today butterfly balloons flutter in the wind. Two balloons in memory of the teens killed in the head-on crash.

Both the driver, Whitney Fergerstrom and passenger Leshay Gusman died in the crash. The teens were 2006 Kamehameha graduates.

They were thrown from the s-u-v on impact. Three other girls were injured. And two men in the pickup truck were also both hurt.

Honolulu Police traffic investigators say speed was a factor in the crash.

Art Castaldi flies model planes along Kapaa Quarry Road and says he has seen it all, "I come through here about 3 times a week sometimes 4 times a week. I see a lot of things that shouldn't be going on speeding. passing people. There is a little puddle too. Hot rod cars get tires wet, spin tires fishtale down road. We have motorcycles here show off do wheelies."

Police confirm speed is a factor the crash but they are investigating unconfirmed reports the girls may have been speeding to hit the dip at a high rate of speed to get airborne.

Castaldi adds, "It's a teenage thrill I'm sure and this road is used for a lot of stuff and I don't think it's patrolled often and I think people get away with a lot of stuff on this road. it lends itself to that."