Oahu Woman Cycles Cross Country for Breast Cancer

HONOLULU (KHNL) - 59-year-old Oahu resident, Honolulu Club member and Healing Touch practitioner Maggie Vogt is preparing to achieve her lifelong dream: to ride across the country on her bike. Not only that, but she's doing it to raise money for a very good cause.

Next month she'll embark on a 59-day, cross-country cycle ride to support Bosom Buddies of Hawaii and their efforts to expand their breast cancer support outreach to all parts of Oahu and the neighbor islands.

The Honolulu Club (www.honoluluclub.com) is sponsoring Maggie's effort. Members are contributing their "2 cents" - Maggie hopes to get at least 100 pledges to donate 2 cents for every mile she rides across the US (a $62 contribution). Pledges are welcome from the general public of course - email Maggie.vogt@yahoo.com

The ride begins on March 8, 2007 in San Diego, California and finishes 59 days later, on May 4, 2007 in the oldest city in America, Saint Augustine, Florida. Maggie turns 60 in June; a fellow cyclist from Alaska will turn 70 this year.  Maggie is one of 27 female cyclists (all over 50 years old) who will be making the 3,098-mile trek.

Maggie is a Healing Touch practitioner who works with women newly diagnosed with breast cancer through Bosom Buddies. Healing Touch treatment involves not so much touching, but working on manipulating a person's energy fields. This type of treatment is said to relieve chronic pain and other ailments. She is so incredibly positive and truly an inspiration to all women.


Bosom Buddies letter

February 2007

Dear KC's Cycle Chicks and Guys,

You may have heard by now that I made the commitment to cycle cross country (the southern tier of the United States) in March and April of 2007. The trip starts on the California shore of the Pacific Ocean and finishes when we touch our tires into the Atlantic.

I'll pedal past parts of rural America, putting 3,098 miles on my bike to arrive 59 days later in the oldest city in America, Saint Augustine, Florida. From March 8, 2007 until May 4, 2007 I'll experience this adventure (organized through WomanTours http://www.womantours.com/) with 26 women over the age of 50 but that's not all. The trip has two essential parts, first to raise money to support the fight against Breast Cancer here in Hawaii through the efforts of Bosom Buddies of Hawaii, and second to celebrate my 60th birthday by finally achieving my lifelong dream of riding my bike across America.

What you may not know is I'm a Healing Touch practitioner and co-survivor of breast cancer through my work with Bosom Buddies of Hawaii. What that means to you is that I plan to raise money to support Bosom Buddies of Hawaii (http://www.bosombuddieshi.org/) and am asking for a 2-cent-per-mile ($62) pledge from you to help island women newly diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Of course, you can contribute any amount you choose!

The Bosom Buddies of Hawaii organization changed my life and continues to change the lives of hundreds of local women. As a trained healing touch practitioner I was matched with a woman newly diagnosed with breast cancer. For one year I had the benefit of providing weekly Healing Touch treatments to her. This experience transformed us. Changes began at the first "getting to know you" interview and gentle hands-on treatment. It continued through chemo treatments, grew stronger through disappointing lab reports, doctor's appointments, busy holiday schedules and even a family crisis. This experience taught me to appreciate the tremendous courage and tenacity it requires to take life one day at time, confront cancer one battle at a time and to realize that we have no idea what may come our way.

So now I ask you share this adventure with me and support the Bosom Buddies of Hawaii program so they can continue to expand their outreach efforts to all parts of Oahu and the outer islands. I'm asking for your pledge of 2 cents for every mile - that's $62.00. My goal is to get 100 pledges to join the "2 cents club." Here is your chance to give me your 2 cents! Will you? Actually any amount will be appreciated and will go to enhance another woman's life.

Thank you for the strength, love and the support you show in ways big and small by being a co-survivor through your donation.

To pledge: send me an email with word PLEDGE in the heading.
Include your contact information and  pledge amount
Bosom Buddies will acknowledge your contribution. I'll do the rest.

Maggie Vogt