Duane "Dog" Chapman Worried About Extradition

Duane "Dog" Chapman
Duane "Dog" Chapman
Patricia Stanford
Patricia Stanford

By Beth Hillyer

(KHNL) - A serious setback for the Dog. Bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman talks to KHNL about his disappointing news out of Mexico.

Chapman and members of his crime fighting family are reeling from word a judge denied their request to fight extradition out of the U.S.

But an appeal is in the works.

He admits he's worried and he just wants to put his legal troubles behind him. But he remains optimistic he'll win his appeal and won't have to return to Mexico.

Chapman and his fellow bounty hunters are are charged in connection with the capture of Max Factor makeup heir and convicted rapist Andrew Luster in Mexico in 2003.

And chalk one up for Mexico regarding his extradition.

"This is not scary, but it worries me," Chapman says.  "Round one we lost; the fight has just begun. It stirs up more fight in me. It had been going slow and that's been okay, but now it's back to my top priority; that's what it's done it's now my top priority."

Fans support the crime fighter.

"When I saw him on the news last night, I was amazed that he was going to be extradited because I truly did not believe that that would happen. I don't think it should happen," says Patricia Stanford of Hawaii Kai.

Chapman explains the judge hearing his case didn't want to make the difficult decision.

"He wanted a different court to hear this. He wasn't the one, this is like a traffic court judge hearing a robbery case. It's a high profile case because it's a big thing about a lot of fugitives going to Mexico," he says.

The bounty hunter feels this case will set a precedent.

"I was there, there are a lot of American fugitives in Mexico, violent criminals, violent! So we have to handle this and the Mexican government has to handle this very akamai, very smart. What are they gonna do?  Ppen the flood gates where bounty hunters go down there for parking tickets? No! I'm into getting the Americans who cross the border that go to Mexico to terrorize the people live a life of crime," he told KHNL.

Dog says while he wishes it had gone differently, he remains optimistic.

"I would have love to dance with cane in air praised the Lord said cried thank you it's all over but there is always a reason in my life these things happen," he says.

Chapman adds he hopes common sense will prevail and both he and his attorneys maintain they followed Mexican law when they captured Andrew Luster.