Solving Growing Pains at Maui Schools

Ken Nomura
Ken Nomura

MAUI (KHNL)- On Maui, people express concern over proposed solutions to overcrowded schools.

New homes sprout up on Maui. Wailuku booms, bringing new students to the area.

"To me, it's over capacity," said Alan Isbell, teacher at Wailuku Elementary.

To alleviate student population at Wailuku, about 100 students will temporarily move to Maui Lani Elementary, which opens in July. But in a few years, they'll transfer again, to another new school in the works in Wailuku.

"If we don't do that, in 2 years, Wailuku Elementary will running over 1,285 students," said Ken Nomura, superintendent.

Some parents and teachers say that solution is too disruptive. They also disagree with another proposal, that they say ignores kids at a nearby transitional shelter.

"Apparently excludes the low-income housing, which is contiguous to Maui Lani, which is actually closer than some of the more affluent areas," said Isbell.

Education officials say they're just trying to juggle the numbers. They continue to discuss school boundaries and how to solve the problem of overpopulation.

"There's going to be a disruption in whatever we do, so I'm trying to look at the least amount of disruption," said Nomura.

Education officials mull over other options and could make a final decision next week.