Sumo Greats Visit Waianae Students


WAIANAE (KHNL) -Two sumo greats deliver an important message to local kids.

Konishiki and Musashimaru tell Oahu students, never give up.

They visit Musashimaru's alma mater, Waianae High School. It's part of an informal talk with Japanese-language students. It includes a big message.

"So don't put yourself down because you're from Waianae. And don't look at yourself and think you cannot make it," said Konishiki, retired sumo ozeki.

"I tell them never give up in life. And if you run into a wall, when you run into the wall, get up and go into the wall again until that wall breaks," said Musashimaru, retired grand champion.

These days, Konishiki works on a kids show, his record label and restaurant. Musashimaru coaches and promotes sumo events, including the Grand Sumo Tournament in Hawaii. That's on June 9-10 at the Blaisdell. He was the last local boy to successfully enter the sport.

"Sumo was in Hawaii for 135 years. When I left, the thing when stop. So we're trying to get somebody back in there," said Musashimaru.

Whether it's sumo or another profession, they say dream big, work hard and stay on the right path.

"Making right choices I think. Bring proud to represent the Waianae Coast," said Konishiki.