Elderly Woman Located After Frantic Search

Elaine Ringor
Elaine Ringor

WAHIAWA (KHNL) - Family and friends hit the street in a frantic search for a missing elderly woman. The 85-year-old was missing for nearly 24 hours. Now, her ordeal is over.

Fortunata Ringor of Whitmore Village survives the elements overnight, and is located safely Thursday afternoon.

Elaine Ringor is racing against the clock. Her mother in law, 85-year-old Fortunata Ringor who has Alzheimer's disease, vanished Wednesday afternoon.

"We went all around," Elaine Ringor said. "We were yelling, screaming all around to everybody. Mama is missing."

The Honolulu Fire Department's chopper takes off for an aerial view of Whitmore Village, while the Police Department's canine team assists in the ground search. They comb a two-mile by two-mile area near the former plantation worker's home.

"We're just hoofing it mostly," Capt. Socrates Bratakos, Honolulu Fire Department, said. "And the dogs are a big help because the dogs can help pick up a trail. And they did for a little while, but it died out."

The crews searched all night. Family members say a month ago, Ringor wandered around the neighborhood alone for about an hour. She never went missing this long.

"It was very cold, you know, at night," Elaine Ringor said. "And we don't know if she, and she hasn't eaten."

At about 2:30 p.m., some 22 hours after her disappearance, Ringor is located near Helemano Plantation. She says she lost one of her boots along the way.

"Nobody came," Fortunata Ringor said. "Only myself long, long, long, long."

"This is a beautiful outcome and we thank you so much," Elaine Ringor said. "Thank you to the whole community and all of, even you."