City Promotes Bike Safety For Kids

EWA BEACH (KHNL)- City officials are working on projects to make sure streets are safe for bicyclists as well. The city will present the Hawaii Bicycling League with a $150,000 grant Thursday during a ceremony at Kaimiloa Elementary School.

The league will use the money to fund bicycle safety programs for students in public schools.

In addition to teaching kids how to ride safely, organizers say the program is designed to encourage students to take up cycling.

"We also think it's important in building a foundation for them to choose and active and healthy lifestyle," said Kristi Schulenberg, executive director of the Hawaii Bicycling League.

"We hope that through this program they have a desire for cycling and they fall in love with riding a bike and they choose to continue to do that as they grow up," Schulenberg.

Last year voters approved a charter amendment directing the city to become more bicycle friendly.