Filipino Immigrant Steps Up for Hawaii's Homeless

Leo Delgado
Leo Delgado
Delgado teaches at Sacred Hearts Academy
Delgado teaches at Sacred Hearts Academy

WAIKIKI (KHNL) - He grew up in the philippines, living in poverty.

Today, school teacher, Leo Delgado, uses that painful memory in his new home, here in the islands, to help the Hawaii's homeless as his "Random Act of Kindness."

In the quite of the predawn darkness at Waikiki Queen's Beach, Delgado gropes for the makings of a simple morning meal: a couple of thermoses of hot water, a case of cup o'noodles.

He's been doing this each and every day for almost a decade, making a big difference for these waikiki drifters.

"To see these hungry people in our streets, it breaks my heart," says Delgado. "it just moves to compassion because I know what it means to be poor."

Fate is smiling on this bunch.

There's no rain.

No heavy winds.

The tourists haven't arrived, just yet.

In these people, Delgado sees a little of himself.

"I know what it means to be poor," says Delgado. "I know what it means to go hungry. Back in the Philippines, we were very poor."

About an hour later, Delgado takes these lessons from the school of hard knocks, and folds them into the syllabus at his day job; teacher at Sacred Hearts Academy.

After all, Delgado isn't just delivering food.

He's also delivering hope.

''What I¹m hoping is when I bring these stories to my classes, that my students will be moved to do something because they hold the promise," says Delgado,

And the potential to rid Hawaii of homelessness, forever.