Everyday Heroes: Kids Helping Kids With Diabetes

Kyle Monette
Kyle Monette
Mike Monette
Mike Monette
Students volunteer at "Shoes On A Chute" event at Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park
Students volunteer at "Shoes On A Chute" event at Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park

MILILANI (KHNL) - For many teens, high school is a time to get an education, learn about the world around them, and even have a little fun with your friends.

But for one Mililani teen, high school has also turned into a time for helping

Whether its playing a difficult solo on his french horn or orchestrating a student driven fundraising campaign, Kyle Monette likes a challenge.

"I like to see young people can make a difference" says Kyle.

Especially, when that challenge helps hundreds of other island kids. Many Kyle has never even met, but all are struggling with diabetes.

"A lot of people think diabetes has a cure."

But there is no cure yet for type 1 diabetes. Kyle hopes to change that. Three years ago he created "Kids helping Kids with Diabetes" to raise awareness about this disease.

He encourages fundraising drives at different schools, reaching out thru the internet, and thru this video, motivating other students to step in and help.

They get to see the people who are affected and the people who they are helping.

"I think it's a good experience for teenagers to see that what their work is doing or see the people that their work is affecting."

Kyle's group has also worked outside of schools to raise money, like putting on a "Shoes in the Chute" event at the Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park. All told, his efforts have helped raise over $40,000 for diabetes research.

Surprising achievements for someone only 17-years-old, but its no surprise to his dad.

"I look at what he does and its always trying to help other people, arrange for rides, its just in his nature, he doesn't want to leave anyone behind" says Mike Monette.

While Kyle has received recognition for his work, his biggest rewards come from those he helps.

"Meeting people who say thank you so much for doing this, its making a big difference in my child's life"

And that thanks, is music to the ears of this enterprising high school senior.

Because this is kyle's senior year, he worries about who will keep the programs going next year. But the monette's are hopeful kyle's younger sister melissa, a freshman at mililani high, will not only continue his efforts, but expand them as well.