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Message In A Bottle Found Decades Later

Riley Astrup Riley Astrup
Sandra Astrup Sandra Astrup
The mesage was written on Matson stationery and dated 1967 The mesage was written on Matson stationery and dated 1967
The SS Lurline The SS Lurline

By: Paul Drewes

(KHNL) - A blast from the past washed up on a windward Oahu beach and now, a family has a mystery on their hands.

Riley Astrup loves to spend time in the water. " I like to snorkel or boogie board or just hang out in the water."

After hanging out in the water and snorkeling on the windward side, this 9 year old discovers a piece of the past. "We decided to walk along the beach and we came across the bottle." says Riley's mom, Sandra.

But not just any old bottle. There was something special about this one which washed ashore. "My daughter is jumping for joy there's a message inside there's a message inside."

And when they cracked it open, they discovered just how long this message in the bottle was floating around the pacific.

"It said it was from june 14th 1967." says Riley.

On faded stationary from the old Matson cruise ship the S-S Lurline, a young John Weatherly, asked whoever found the message to contact him, then tossed the bottle overboard a thousand miles from shore.

"The address was for a Colonel AJ Weatherly, we're a military family just new to the island and I find it ironic that a military child would pick up a note from another military brat." says Sandra.

Now this family's discovery has turned into a family project to learn more about the young traveler. And finally after almost 40 years, let him know that someone did indeed get his message in the bottle.

The Astrup family has left a message at Fort Sill, Oklahoma where the Weatherlys were stationed but there has been no word on where they are now.

And as you can imagine, Riley wants to put a message in a bottle herself and see if anyone calls her 40 years from now.

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