Coming Together

Did it ever occur to you that our legislature is a lot like the Pro Bowl... A bunch of people from different places, coming together to try and work as a team to accomplish a number of goals. Legislators wear different hats, football all-stars wear different helmets, but their relative success is measured by what they accomplish as a group, putting egos and personal differences aside to focus on the big issues, play after play, day after day.

So then why do our local legislators annually feel obligated to throw in any and every idea that floats their way? is it really necessary to put a bill into play, and then disassociate yourself from it by saying, "oh, that came from a constituent", or "I was just doing someone a favor". A private plane? a stadium further out of town? spare us the political pandering, stop wasting time and space. Let's see if we can solve the big issues, and then we can deal with manini stuff.

Have you got a concern or question about legislative ideas being floated about? then contact your legislator now before some of this extraneous stuff kills more trees as the paperwork piles up. Think about it...