Family And Friends Mourn The Loss Of A Deputy Sheriff

HONOLULU (KHNL) - Tears and disbelief a day after Daniel Browne Sanchez was killed trying to help apprehend an armed gunman. Sanchez is Hawaii's first deputy sheriff to be murdered in the department's history.

"He was a good deputy, but he was an even better person," said Sergeant Mike DeCenzo.

Sanchez worked part-time at Osake Sushi Bar and Lounge on Kapiolani Boulevard. Early Saturday morning just after three, a masked gunman stormed in through the kitchen door. The restaurant was closed, but Sanchez and several other employees were still there. They tried to overpower the gunman. Sanchez was shot three times.

"It doesn't surprise that hearing what happened, Dan would act the way he did," said Deputy Andre Jackson. "He was always concerned about other people's safety over himself."

His mom Robina Browne said Sanchez always wanted to go into law enforcement.

"He had many dreams, many aspirations," she said. "Some fulfilled with the department, but he wanted to go further."

Those who worked with Sanchez said he was a man of impeccable character.

"He's never going to be forgotten for his sacrifice for what he's done for others," said Sergeant Mike Oakland.

"I just want to say, he's going to be missed," added Sergeant Mike DeCenzo. "He's going to be missed."

Just a day after losing her only child, Browne looks for answers.

"And I hope somewhere, somehow in the future, we find some good for his actions, some purpose that we can hang onto, and some divine purpose," she said.

A purpose for a life cut tragically short.

Sanchez was only 27 when he died. His mom said he had aspirations of becoming a federal agent. The suspect John Lorenzo, Jr., is in police custody. Murder charges against him are pending but expected to be filed soon.