Shark Sightings Close Makapuu Beach

Makapuu Beach
Makapuu Beach
David Porath
David Porath

MAKAPUU (KHNL)- There was another shark sighting at a popular East Oahu beach Saturday. Authorities closed Makapuu beach because of a shark incident Friday night.

State land officers say the shark spotted was a tiger shark between 12 and 14 feet. That's the same types spotted the night before.

That forced authorities to close Makapuu Saturday, for precautionary measures, making for an unusual sight.

It's a perfect day in paradise. So nice, the Porath family just had to get out.

"Just driving around, beautiful day out," said David Porath. "Take pictures and get out here and didn't see anybody at the beach today. It's a little strange."

"It's a weekend, it's a Saturday, it should be super packed," said Shelly Porath.

Makapuu beach was empty. State land officers turn away visitors. The beach was closed after tiger sharks were spotted feeding off a body there Friday night. Police and firefighters pulled the remains from the water about 150-feet offshore.

"It's everywhere in nature -- there's animals that's supposed to be there, and we're just taking up their space," said Shelly Porath. "We need to be respectful of what's in the water."

Since Makapuu was closed, Sandy Beach was packed. Nainoa Glover brings his kids here every weekend, and is leery of what's lurking in the ocean.

"Just gotta watch em little extra, just watch em closely," said Glover.

But statistics show shark bites in Hawaii are rare, only happening three to four times a year.

"Ideally, nobody wants to get bitten by a shark," said David Porath. "I was surprised that not many people get bite."

The challenge now, is getting the kids back in the water.

"I'm definitely never going in ever again," said 13-year old Amber Porath.

"I wouldn't go into the ocean before, and now it's just a bigger fear," said 9-year old Sierra Porath.

Authorities do not believe sharks attacked a swimmer Friday night. A man threatened to jump from Makapuu cliffs and is still reported missing.

Police need to confirm if the victim was that man.